Blame Shifting

By now, everyone is aware of Andrea Yates and how she murdered her five children. The news stories are full of reports that this woman claimed she was "possessed by the Devil." She even went as far as to state she had 666 on her scalp (obviously from watching one or more of "The Omen" movie series). There are also numerous news reports that the family was heavily involved with fundamentalist Christians.

What most people fail to realize is, looking deeper into this insanity, at the root, AGAIN, we find Christianity. Christian teachings are chock full of this kind of ludicrous garbage, "Demonic possession" and all the rest of that insanity! All this is again is LIES. LIES to keep people away from and terrified of Satan and his Demons; the only ones who are willing to help humanity. The real reason these people get so hysterical is because of a lack of power and knowledge. Christianity has stripped humanity of psychic understanding and power. It is and always has been nothing more than a tool to remove knowledge. Mental institutions are full of Christians, many of whom believe they are possessed by Demons. Mental illness is rampant within the Fundamentalist Christian population. Children raised in Christian homes are often indoctrinated with fear and subject to extreme abuse. Doctrines of eternal damnation, evil, torture, self-blame and self-deprecation, spooks, and the like are drummed into these children at an early age, creating life-long hang-ups and this often leads to insanity.

Christianity is to blame for the crimes committed from these sick teachings. Christianity sets people up mentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually for this insanity. Education and this foul religion do not go together because Christianity’s entire foundation is based upon lies. The Christian is warned never to ask any questions, as this represents “a lack of faith” and is a “sin.” Christians are taught not to think, only to “have faith.” Fundamentalist Christians are indoctrinated against having any physical pleasure. They are taught to condemn themselves for any physical expression, to repress their sexuality, and to suffer for "their sins." Psychologically, fear is an ever present factor. Low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence and every other ugly thing goes along with these suicidal teachings sets one up for insanity. Spiritually, Christians are weak. Most have never experienced or will ever understand true spirituality.

With all of the above, we have a walking time bomb. Tell a male dog not to raise its leg when it takes a piss or like Christians would do, punish it; tell a tiger not to eat meat, a duck not to paddle in the water, a boa constrictor not to squeeze and this sets the stage for psychosis. Humanity has been living under these alien anti-life rules for centuries. One is taught to hate one's self and feel shame for being human; for being alive.

These very religions set these people up to do what they do, then like cowards, they blame Satan instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Satan has nothing to do with them or their actions. They are the products of their sick religion. Who put these sick teachings into their heads? Who imposed unnatural alien standards into these peoples' lives for them to live by? Satan has nothing to do with any of these sick teachings or laws, but whenever someone reacts from a lifetime of being steeped in this insanity, Satan gets the blame. LOOK TO THE SOURCE!

Blame shifting is glaringly apparent in the story of "Faust" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Faust sells his soul to Mephistopheles. Again, looking closely, Mephistopheles did no wrong; he only told the truth. The Christian Church was the one punishing and condemning everyone in the story; punishing people for being human. That Christian alien "God" and his religion have an intense hatred of humanity and anything human. In the end of the story, again, Satan is blamed. This is so typical.

Father Satan is the only one who understands humanity and accepts us as we are. He doesn't try to make us into something we're not. People who follow the Christian teachings of the alien enemy, condemning themselves for being human are a threat to themselves and society, as history and the tragedy above, so blatantly illustrate.

Only when these sick alien religions are completely destroyed, will humanity ever be able to succeed.

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