Fighting Religious Discrimination

Last night, my family and I went to the local Wal-Mart to buy groceries. I openly wore my Baphomet at the time. When we got to the checkout, the woman behind the register said "Jesus." I don't know why, but I automatically said "Satan." Then she said "Jesus" again. This went on back and forth about four times. The woman was also rude.

My husband left after we had our groceries rung up to look for the kids. I had to go to work that night and I was debating on what I should do. I stood there waiting and sure enough, I turned around and this guy who works for the store was practically in my face. I asked him for the manager and he said he was the manager. I complained about the woman and how she treated me because of my religious symbol. I politely explained that "This is America." I also politely added that I could call the A.C.L.U. and file a law suit. I said I had to go to work and the woman "upset my entire night" [this can be grounds for legal action]. I also explained that the woman is "clocked in on the job." The manager apologized and said he would take action.

Father Satan was telling me something here: the coincidence that my husband left to look for the kids [I had to wait], and that the manager just happened to be right behind me in a huge store.

Tolerating insults and discrimination against Satan, as an adult in a situation that is not life threatening, is turning the other cheek and is an insult to Satan. If I hadn't said anything, I would have been stewing all night at work and even the next day.

Complaints should be handled politely and in a professional manner, but should never be avoided. This discrimination has to stop. Only when we take appropriate action can this stop and Satanism can be open and free.
-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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