Establishing Control

Establishing control over oneís emotions is very important. Out of control, emotions can be detrimental to oneís health and well-being, and at worst can be lethal. In a situation where panic takes control and gives way to terror, where fear is completely out of control; one can freeze up when immediate action is called for and wind up dead. Out of control, emotions interfere with and even prevent rational thought. Here the panic/terror takes over oneís entire being. Control of emotions and having a calm mind can mean the difference between life and death.

Worry does nothing to change a problem. It drains energy and can cause serious health problems. Again, the mind is out of control, as the same thoughts compulsively repeat themselves over and over, accomplishing nothing but upset. Bad situations and problems need to be rationally thought out for possible solutions and then let go.
Constantly rehearsing a bad incident over and over isnít going to solve the problem. This will only create other problems. Stress tears down the body and mind. Mental and psychological pain can be just as bad as physical pain. A strong mind can refuse this pain. When the mind is calm, often solutions will present themselves and problems can be worked out. We are also more open to the spirit world when we are calm, and often we can find help there. If we calmly ask our mind for answers regarding a certain problem before we fall asleep at night, we will usually have answers when we awaken, or sometimes answers will come to us in a dream.

Out of control emotions are the result of an out of control mind. Void meditation helps with detaching from negative emotions. When unwanted emotions arise, relaxing oneís mind and detaching oneís self from the feeling can be difficult at first, but with persistence, control can be established. Try softening around the emotion or focusing attention on the emotion/feeling, relaxing and letting go. Empty the mind. This can also be helpful in cases of depression.
Focus on feeling calm and relaxing inside.

When mastery over oneís emotions is established [this can take years of consistent meditation], the ability to stay calm in crisis situations can prove invaluable and can even be life saving. Animals will rarely, if ever attack someone who is not in any way afraid. Having a calm orderly and powerful mind comes from the regular practice of void meditation. Void meditation also strengthens our thought power for magickal practice. The next time you feel unwanted emotions; try to focus on detaching and relaxing. This can be difficult at first, but will come with time. We must completely master ourselves, for this is the path to becoming a god.

There are times when we have to just let go and vent. This can be done during a ritual. Father Satan always listens to us and sometimes it is a good thing to let it all out and get it all out, so that one can be at peace and not have to feel suppressed in any way. If extreme worry or other emotions cannot be brought under control, venting during a ritual is the often best way. Mastering oneís emotions, as well as the mind is something that needs to be worked on every day. In time, a sense of calm and confidence will take over and remain, so that the mind can be free for spiritual development and directed to the fulfilling of oneís goals and desires.

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