Damned Xians!

Note: Christians are under the influence of a very powerful spell. This spell in addition to working true evil, creates an obsessive/compulsive disorder in that the Christian feels compelled to coerce Christianity relentlessly. Harassment of others, murder, torture, and every other depraved means is used with no qualms whatsoever. The deeper one descends into the Christian and also the Muslim program, the more depraved one becomes, AND capable of anything in a most ugly way. This spell has been used to spread Christianity and Islam both, like the lethal viruses they are, world-wide.

For those of you who are new… “Xian” means “Christian.”

Xianity is a sick, twisted, perverted, odious religion that keeps people from true spirituality and humanity's real God, Satan. That's enough right there, but the problem is much, much more than that. You are walking down the street, minding your own business, some pasty looking zombie-like idiot, that has a mask-like artificial smile affixed to his/her face, so plastic, robotic and alien like, accosts you with the Jesus garbage. The smiling mask immediately drops, turning to hatred and rage when you state that you are happy in your choice with Satan and you would rather be dead than switch. In some cases, even a murderous bent can be detected when the smiley mask drops.

You are in the privacy of your own home. Most neighbors, friends, and relatives are considerate enough to call before visiting. You could be in the shower, eating your dinner, watching something of interest on TV, having sex, whatever. You work, pay your rent/house costs and/or taxes, etc. This is YOUR home. You are minding your own business, not bothering a soul; maybe you are even feeling very happy. All of a sudden, regardless of all the blatantly visible "No Soliciting" signs, the "Do not Disturb" signs, or anything else posted to deter unwanted visitors, there is an urgent knock at the door, or the doorbell is ringing like there is a serious emergency, interrupting you, disturbing you without any respect for your privacy or any consideration as to what else you may be tending to or engaged in, in your own place of residence, whatsoever. Outside is another zombie-like idiot with the pasty looking artificial smiley mask going door to door, peddling the Nazarene. I have noticed in recent years, they now come in groups as one alone is no longer safe. So much for their “Faith in the Lord,” and this is no different from how that pedophile Catholic Pope rides around under the protection of bullet-proof glass. So much said for the “Lord’s protection.”

You are sleeping, resting, AGAIN, minding your own business. Maybe you are even expecting an important phone call. The phone is ringing and ringing. It's not a friend, relative or neighbor; it's one of those double-digit IQ idiot xians, telemarketing the Nazarene. They will relentlessly keep calling and calling until they get a hold of you. You tell them “NO!” A couple of months later or even less, they are back like fleas on a dog, only they are much worse than any animal parasite.

You open your mailbox, more of their garbage. Jesus coupons for redemption, always begging for donations to further the relentless plague and add to the multi-trillion-dollar industry of wealth they already possess and use to work towards depriving you of your freedom and constitutional rights. Not to mention working relentlessly to damn your soul, just like theirs.
You snap on your radio or television, here we go again, some pedophile capable of literally ANYTHING when perpetrating crimes against humanity, AGAIN is soliciting for more donations as their greed knows no bounds.

You want to read your newspaper, you find pages and pages of full-page ads, promoting and marketing the Nazarene and the opulent, financially exorbitant institutions where they relieve congregations of their money and their souls.

The absolute WORST of this is what they do to our children. They stalk them and prey upon them, corrupting their innocence and instilling hang-ups and psychological problems where there were none before. They use all kinds of scare tactics to frighten them with their lies. They work to turn them against their non-xian parents and to destroy their lives, coercing them towards living for their death and throwing their lives away.

The schools are full of them. Freedom fighters and the government are constantly battling the Christian Churches that are forever a continuous threat to the lives and liberties of others.

Once children are ensnared, they are abused, raped, molested and psychologically destroyed, and in some cases, even mutilated and murdered. In the least, they will never live up to or acknowledge their full potential.

Xians are forever trying to wrest control of the legal system, perverting it, like they do everything else, using it as another instrument to deny ALL of us our freedom, to enslave everyone, destroy lives and ruin what others have sacrificed everything for.

When they seize control, through whatever means, legal, or in many cases, illegal; however, makes no difference to them as they work diligently to maim, torture, murder and destroy anyone who is even suspected of disagreeing with their sick doctrines. Their reign was during the "Dark Ages" To find out if something is good or evil, all one has to do is give it power. Here, the xian religion speaks for itself!

They continuously PUSH themselves where they are not wanted. They are compulsive and obsessive. They are not a joke and will not just go away or mind their own business. They would gladly resume their murderous ways if only given the opportunity.

Idiots of the lowest order promote notions that everyone should be “tolerant.” This kind of tolerance is suicidal to say the least and this is not, nor will it ever be a two-way street. In being “tolerant,” this will open the door for the Christian program to advance and in the end; you and yours will end up dead, along with millions of others as happened with the Inquisition. Any freedom will be completely gone and it will be too late. A huge price paid for listening to stupidity.

Anything that has helped humanity- medicine, communication, literacy, modern conveniences, and sciences that help us understand the world around us; anything that gives life more meaning or makes it pleasurable, they have worked overtime to viciously attack, corrupt and destroy. Yet, they make full use of everything they have contributed NOTHING to, working every step of they way to ruin. They make use of modern conveniences to spread their malignant virus around the world.
There IS NO room for tolerance here. This is total WAR! If each one of us does our part, we can bring this evil institution down. IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! They have used the 9-11 terrorist attacks to their advantage, like all kinds of other ugly things. We need to start fighting back, LEGALLY. Don't let rage get you at a bad moment, use it constructively. You can't get away from them in prison. People rationalize, make excuses, focus on the small percentage of xians that are polite and mind their own business. This is what keeps them going. There are many who lack the education concerning world history, the INQUISITION, and the church's control of life and government in the dark/middle ages. These people know next to nothing of the truth. They believe what they are told and are too unmotivated or lazy to research for themselves. Knowledge is everything; this is why xians prey on the ignorant and illiterate.

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