Keeping the Faith

In the years 2001-2002, I put my efforts into study, as this is what Father Satan wanted me to do. Money was short, but Father Satan took care of all of my essential needs.

At the health club I worked at, there was a woman who was a member. She offered to take me to the store and buy me a pair of shoes. The shoes I was wearing were shot to say the least. I had bad feet and the old shoes were comfortable. The problem was this woman was deep into Christianity. She proselytized incessantly. She knew I had no interest in her religion and I told her not to pray for me, ever. I am friendly to people and outgoing and she and I had been friendly towards each other.

I got to thinking, this is getting too friendly. She is too Christian and she talks to others about going to church and taking part in other Christian activities. I remembered what Father Satan stated in the Al Jilwah about his not allowing friendly association with Christians and people who are against him. In addition, I have repeatedly seen and read of serious problems whenever one of us associates with Christians.

I love Father Satan more than anything and in no way will I do anything against his wishes. I said to myself, NO, right there. I don't care if my shoes have holes in them. I don't even care if I am barefoot, I won't go against Satan.

Several hours later that night, I found a brand new shoe box. Inside was the nicest pair of athletic shoes, VERY expensive and exactly my size. I put the shoes on and they fit perfectly. I thanked Father Satan for the shoes. I don't know where the shoes came from, as they weren't there before. I have seen Father Satan's miracles before.

-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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