There is overwhelming evidence that humanity has been the victim of an alien race for thousands of years masquerading as “Jehova.” Unfortunately, most people have a blind spot to this, as most of the world is under the spell of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. We are nowhere in regards to spiritual ability or knowledge as this has been systematically and vehemently suppressed and controlled for centuries in order to keep this power in the hands of a few. As for science and technology, we are also way behind, as the Christian Churches have viciously attacked science and scientific thought for centuries.

The enemy programs have succeeded in preventing humanity from developing and evolving spiritually. Our knowledge and application of mind power and magick are minimal. If one helps a hatching chick from its eggshell, or an emerging butterfly from its cocoon, they will be damaged forever. The muscles and coordination used to work their way out at this critical stage enable the creatures to become strong and healthy.

The enemy programs preach to "have faith." In other words, don't do a thing! Don't question, just "have faith." All lies and scams are dependent upon total faith. One does not question. Father Satan teaches us to stand on our own two feet and to become strong and question everything. Only through doubt can we learn the facts.

True witchcraft and Satanism go together as the word "witch" means "wise one." Satan teaches us how to empower ourselves spiritually and he grants us the knowledge to use this power. We are aware that humans can throw a curse but just think of the power behind a God throwing a curse, or many Gods for that matter. In spite of some technological breakthroughs and advancements, the human race is nowhere in regards to mind/spiritual power and the use of real magick.

The enemy programs have done a job, seeing to it that we don't advance or evolve in this area as they condemned witchcraft and turned most of humanity away from the only one who is willing to help us, Father Satan.

By preaching helplessness, self-sacrifice, denial, doing NOTHING, being a victim, suffering for so-called "sins," punishment and all of the suicidal teachings that go along with this, they have set us up for doom, which has been their ultimate goal. The survival of a species depends on the ability to DEFEND itself and THE ABILITY TO EFFECTIVELY FIGHT BACK AND DESTROY ITS ENEMIES! The human race as a whole is completely helpless when it comes to psychic and spiritual warfare.

Satan and the Original Gods have been trying to help us. Only through Satan, can we truly advance spiritually. Satanism is the ONLY religion that does not preach helplessness. One can never be strong enough. Forget about where other people are at in regards to inner strength. Most are damning themselves. Weak people only drag us down if we let them. All of the Christian and Muslim related programs destroy the human spirit. They preach self-blame, self-loathing, shame, self-mutilation, pain, atonement for "sins" and other destructive ideologies that are designed to kill and corrupt the human spirit. By following these false religions, people damn themselves while Gabriel and his alien ilk laugh with hatred at humanity, and reap energy from human souls.

Much of the information available today in the form of "New Age" teachings has been infested with the same suicidal anti-life Christianized teachings. Wicca is a corrupted version of the old religions with the same message- just be a victim! Wicca, along with Christianity also promotes injustice. Any attempts to take any self-initiated action or carry out justice are met with warnings about “karma," "the threefold law of return," "the ten fold," and other teachings of fear used to create slaves. People who preach this garbage fall right into the hands of the enemy who works through them to set others up as victims who believe this insanity.

The sorry reality is humanity, as a whole knows nothing about spiritual empowerment and the use of magick. Due to centuries of not using any of this ability, we are not evolved. We cannot defend ourselves spiritually and this is serious. We have been indoctrinated to be helpless.

The enemy religions have also done a job at destroying spirituality, turning it into something ugly on the one hand and something of a sorry joke on the other. The atheistic scholars scoff and laugh at the occult, leaving out a very important key to the advancement of humanity. These religions are a stepping-off point to atheism. This is what the enemy wants. Atheists can be easily manipulated by others who are adept at using psychic powers, as they don’t believe in the astral world. This way, power can be kept in the hands of a few human beings who make slaves out of the rest of humanity. That is what communism is all about. There are reports concerning how the Vatican made a deal with the alien Greys. They deliver the souls of the deluded Christians to the Greys in exchange for wealth and power. The Greys use the souls for energy.

We Satanists are very important, as we know the truth, but knowing isn't enough. We need to keep learning and applying what we learn. Knowledge and truth are of Satan. The more we do, the more we can do. Study, learn, and apply what you learn, the Satanic way; without fear. The fight is not over. The enemy programs are the funeral wreath of humanity and must be destroyed.

Most of us know natural law; the strong survive the weak. All of the technology in the word won't save us, if we can't fight back spiritually. All aspects of magick are essential; develop your mind and your spiritual abilities. Limitations are not a part of Satanism.

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