Past Life Regression

This exercise requires deep relaxation. Lie down in a comfortable position.

You should begin by breathing in to a count of six*
Hold for a count of six
And exhale for a count of six.

*Using 6 is only a guide. If four is more comfortable, this is fine. NEVER strain or force yourself to hold your breath! You should feel comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Do this several times until you feel completely relaxed and you can no longer feel your body. Turn your attention inside and to your entire back side and free fall. Just let go and a falling sensation should manifest. For inexperienced meditators, this might make you dizzy. If you feel real uncomfortable or dizzy, just focus on the front of your body to stop the free fall. The deeper you free fall, the deeper your trance state and the easier it is to work with your mind.

When you have reached a deep trance state, visualize yourself walking towards a door in your mind. As you walk towards the door, tell yourself when you walk through the door, you will enter into your past life. This should be the life that preceded your life now. Walk through the door, look around at your environment.

To go back several lifetimes, just visualize the door and tell yourself you are going back to whatever year you wish to regress to. To go forward in any past life, will yourself forward by asking your mind to take you to a specific stage of your life or year. Take the time to look around and ask your mind questions. To regress further through each past life, will yourself backwards by telling your mind to take you back further until you can regress no more, and again, walk through another door, telling yourself you are entering the lifetime before this life you are observing. You will be further back in time. To go foreword into your next life- use the same technique, only be aware this is only one of many possible futures. To bring yourself out, walk back through the door into now.

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