Spiritual Satanism

Popular fiction literature, movies, and media have about as much understanding of Satan and Satanism, as do the Christians. One of the most widespread misconceptions is that upon making a commitment to Satan, one can expect all kinds of free goodies, like a trip through Disneyland, so to speak, along with extreme wealth and riches.

People who believe this are in for a rude awakening. Satanism is the elite of religions. Like Special Forces in the military, we are those who have special abilities; those who are feared and respected by many. The goal of Satanism is that of becoming a god. Unlike all the other so-called “religions” that repress the human spirit, Satanism liberates and empowers the soul.

After we perform the dedication ritual, Satan begins investing in us. We discover talents and creative abilities we never even knew we had. We become much stronger and more confident through striving to put these to use and in bettering ourselves.

Contrary to what Anton LaVey wrote in the Satanic Bible, Satan does not approve of sloth, laziness, apathy [not caring about anything], drug abuse, and being unmotivated. LaVey, himself worked hard. This isn't to say we aren't free to do as we please in our off time, but Satan expects us to make something of ourselves.

Satan is a good Father to his children. He gets on to us when we are doing something destructive or detrimental to ourselves. He motivates and guides us to be the best we can be.

Inner strength and confidence come from knowing one is able to defend one’s self and not have to rely upon others. Being an adept at all aspects magick takes time, effort, and dedication.

Controlling our own minds, instead of our minds controlling us is not easy. Our minds were designed to undermine us. This is obvious. Our minds are structured to keep us ignorant and as slaves, preventing us from becoming as the Gods. We are amnesiacs when it comes to former lives. The education and talents we once had in previous lifetimes are lost and we must be relearn everything again, over and over. An uncontrolled mind can drive one to unnecessary worry, stress, disturbing thoughts and in the worst cases, insanity. Weak people suffer more from this in the long run. Fears, insecurities, and uncontrolled emotions are free to torment us day and night.

Those who refuse to better themselves are at the mercy of fate. Fate can be cruel and unforgiving. "Today is NOT the first day of the rest of your life." Every action you have taken up to this point has established a foundation and pattern in your life. This isn't to say this is permanent, as everyone can change, but change will not come without plenty of effort.

Unlike those who are without, we have Father Satan to direct and guide us. Father Satan knows everything about us, inside and out and where we are headed. He is all-knowing, and can save us from making some very serious mistakes, but those who do not care and make no effort to better themselves can find themselves without.

Father Satan is always there to help and guide those of us who make an effort to better ourselves.

Satanists are encouraged to live life to the fullest, to grow, evolve, and to empower ourselves. This is true spirituality, unlike the other religions that destroy the soul by advocating their followers do nothing and abstain from life. As a result, they become nothing and eventually slide into spiritual degeneracy.

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