A Catholic priest took a 12-year-old boy out for ice-cream right after his father had committed suicide. The priest used the opportunity to rape him. All we hear from the Christians is excuses, excuses, and more excuses... Their own bible reads: "Ye shall know them by their fruits." Not one good thing has come out of Christianity or the Christian Church. Things that appear to be good are always tainted in some way. Everything that has to do with Christianity is negative and the Christians can't hide it. As for so called Christian "charity," the Red Cross, United Nations and Social Welfare departments, to name a few, have done much, much more, without the obsessive proselytizing and the demanding of one's soul in return for basic survival needs.

We hear horror stories of how people turn to the Nazarene. There is nearly always fear, near death, desperation or some other negative factor involved that persuades them to do that.

Christian prophets and angels always bring ill omens and messages of misfortune. Angels are notorious for preying upon children, then the children wind up dead. The Fatima incident is just as bad with the alien virgin bitch predicting the destruction of humanity and an early death of one of the three children there. *

Satan came into my life when things were going good [and still are] and I was happy. He has always been and is a very uplifting and positive presence in my life. To this day, I don't have so much as one negative thing to say about him. All of his works are positive, helpful, and loving.** The same thing I can say for the Demons I have established relationships with.

I was walking down the street some time ago, thinking about the worthless Christian religion. Anyone who knows Father Satan knows he has a sense of humor. Father Satan said to me in my head sarcastically "Everyone always has to be sorry." This made me laugh. The professional victim Nazarene always expects everyone to be so sorry. In truth, it is the Nazarene who should be sorry.

There are things I have done in my life that I regret, but I am sorry to those of whom I committed the wrong acts against, *not* the stupid Nazarene and nefarious alien company! What I had done at that time was done because of a lack of knowledge. I wouldn't do anything like this now because I KNOW BETTER. The reason people have a lack of knowledge is because of how Christianity removed all spiritual knowledge and replaced it with lies and cut us off from our own spiritual senses.

Who's responsible for the ignorance of humanity? Who is responsible for depriving mankind of knowledge when Satan wanted us to have knowledge?? In the end, who is really responsible for all the suffering and crimes and misery? Not humanity. When we have regrets about the past and how we should have done some things differently, the main reason is because we didn't have the knowledge at the time. If we did, none of this would have happened and things would have worked out all right for everyone concerned.

- High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

*The aliens who are behind the program of Christianity are part of a movement called “The Intergalactic Federation.” The IGF’s agenda is one of “non-interference.” They plan to stand idly by while humanity blows itself to smithereens with nuclear weapons.
The visit from the virgin bitch is typical of the IGF. There is a theme of negative prophesy while the sadistic aliens stand by and watch, not lifting a finger to help. In most cases, children are involved and preyed upon. The alien Greys and enemy Nordics [angels], who have an insatiable hatred of humanity work with the IGF.

Satan and the Original Gods are from The Empire of Orion. The IGF is at war with The Empire of Orion. The IGF works through many of the “New Age” people and mystics to Christianize everything. The IGF aliens do not bother to help their human lackeys when they are having problems and in addition, they are sadistic and tell them of their misfortunes before they occur. Gifted humans are prohibited from using their powers freely, even if this means saving their own lives or the life of a loved one. Upon their death, they are absorbed into “the light.” The light is also called “The One” and is a mass of harvested human souls used by the alien Greys. There have been reports the Vatican made a deal with the Greys- wealth and power in exchange for souls. This explains why the Catholic Church works relentlessly to suppress human spiritual advancement and is nothing but dead materialism devoid of any spirituality.

Satan and his Demons do not give negative prophesy. If you ever experience an entity telling you something bad is going to happen, you can be sure this is not Satan or any of the Demons.

Satan does not stand by and watch us suffer needlessly. He saved my life literally more than once. He, himself stepped in for me. Whenever I experienced severe attacks from angels, Azazel appeared immediately and chased them away. All of us experience setbacks as this is life, but when things get serious, he is right there for his disciples. I had an astrologically devastating year in July 2004- June 2005. On the night of April 30th of 2004, Satan spoke to me at length during my ritual. I expressed my concerns about the coming year. I had seen this year coming for over ten years. It was the year I was to die as I can predict death astrologically. He informed me that he would be handling the energies for the coming year and not to worry. He said I would experience some setbacks and “not to lose heart.” The setbacks were quite minor given the magnitude of my planetary aspects and in many respects, the year turned out to be joyous for me. This was a miracle. I am grateful to him beyond words.

** I wrote the above sermon several years ago. To this day, Satan has always been very positive in every way for me. He is the most lovable being I have ever known.

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