With all the New Age hype, there is this emphasis on love, love, love. Love is an emotion. Yes, it is essential to human happiness and one's well-being, but all of this emphasis on "love" has cheapened it and has made it to be something it is not. ALL emotions are equally valid and essential.

The truth is- love is something everyone must earn. Of course, there is misplaced love, as in situations where one becomes infatuated or even obsessed with another person and the love is not returned. These are emotions out of control and can be something very ugly and painful.

Satanism is about being free and living with nature. Love for love's sake, or love that is wasted on ingrates is abuse of this emotion. Foolish Christians are taught to love their enemies. This teaching is suicidal. How long would our bodies last if our immune systems turned the other cheek so to speak and loved invading viruses? These sick twisted teachings regarding love can land one in the psychiatrist's office. This is where so many of these people end up going at certain points in their lives.

Abuse of love, like the other teachings of the Nazarene, leads to confusion and chaos. True love is something that is earned upon a foundation of mutual empathy, kindness, trust, and goodwill between two people. Love is a two-way street. Loving enemies, illnesses and anything and anyone just for the sake of love is unnatural and very unhealthy.

Father Satan loves those of us who come to him with sincerity. He does not waste his love on Christians or other deluded fools who reject him. Satan takes care of his own. This is the true meaning of love. Love is a two-way street.

As for self-love, this is definitely something like self-esteem, which one earns. When you excel or exceed and you know you are the best you can be, you will be proud of yourself. True pride and self-love go hand in hand. I am not talking about mindless arrogance, just recognition of one's self and one's efforts for a job well done, and a sense of accomplishment. People who work to better themselves in one way or another will reap rewards. The rewards are personal pride and a healthy self-love.

Those who do not bother with themselves have nothing to be proud of, and more often than not, these people have low self-esteem.

All of these false New Age teachings with their focus on love are detrimental to one's mental health, emotional health, and worse. One should focus on reality. "Loving" everything and everyone only sets one up to be a victim, to have low self-esteem and places one upon the path of delusion.


Important Note 22/February/2015:
The situation is much worse than what I wrote in the above some 10 years ago. The heart chakra is a neuter chakra. It is not the “seat of emotions” as most mainstream books and media promote. The seat of emotions is in the throat chakra and the heart chakra is a yoni shaped connecting chakra. Fore more information concerning this, please visit this webpage:

Chakra Alignment

Because the heart chakra is the main connecting chakra of the soul, it can be exploited. The enemy has always known this and has used this viciously. Most of you have seen paintings and other images of that Nazarene and other Christian ilk with the arms open, exposing the heart. This is a major way the enemy connects to one’s soul; through the heart chakra.

In addition to all of this, the New Age emphasis on love promotes misplaced sympathies, which can be lethal. Many New Age teachings are infested with Christian angels and an emphasis on the hexagram, commonly known as the “Star of David” which was stolen from the Star of Vishnu. The hexagram has been used to symbolize the heart chakra, as it fuses the elemental symbols for fire and water. If one looks closely during deep meditation, one will find this chakra is shaped like a yoni. The yoni was stolen and corrupted by the Christians, by turning it onto its side with that annoying fish symbol.

See "Something Fishy" for more information about that stupid Christian fish symbol and how it was stolen and corrupted.

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