Spirit Abuse

I wrote this sermon a long time ago when I was new. Much has happened since then. This sermon concerns spiritual abuse. The Demons are no longer bound. Five dedicated priests of Satan performed energy work on each of the Demons by connecting our souls to theirs over a four-month period. The Goetic Demons are not monsters we found, but important and popular Pagan Gods, many of which are Ancient Egyptian. Anyone who is foolish enough to call up a Demon using the abusive methods taught in the popular Jewish written grimoires such as the "Key of Solomon" will be in for a rude awakening.

There is so much literary trash filling the bookstore shelves concerning the occult and magickal practice. Many so-called esoteric societies and orders are nothing more than Christians as they honor and work directly with Jehovah’s angels, use Christian and Hebrew symbols and practice spirit abuse.

I read one of these books written on Goetic evocation.* In preparation to "calling up a Demon," the author who is nothing more than an abusive sorcerer describes in grave seriousness all of the senseless daily rituals, prayers to "YHVH," along with special diets, sexual abstinence, ritual bathing and “fumigation.” In addition, this foolish individual is terrified of the Demon he is so intent upon abusing, so of course, he has to petition angels for help.

After the abuser’s repeated and exhausting attempts, the Demon finally appears, some months down the line and roars, scaring the holy shit out of the abuser and his partner. "Thou Fools!" the Demon roared. This author is so stupid and spiritually ignorant; he can't even see that the Demon is toying with him. The spiritually abusive author trembles in the confines of a 9-foot circle, along with his partner.

The book reads on and after repeated attempts using coercion, threats, and so forth, the author is able to secure a few more visits and becomes bold enough to demand financial assistance. The Demon replies that he is "unable to come through," as he has "no power over the economy in this day and age.” All the author got out of the experience was lies, double-talk and much wasted energy. The author said the experience "took everything out of him," aging him physically, mentally and spiritually. He got what he deserved! These fools never stop to think that in death, there is no protective 9-foot circle and when one's soul leaves one's body permanently, the Demons they have made enemies of will be waiting. The energy of a human spirit is nothing compared to the power of a Demon. I know because I have invoked both Demons and deceased human souls.

When we go to Satan with a pure heart [total honesty], we are rewarded with knowledge and spiritual wisdom that few are ever able to receive. Demons appear to me on my altar, speak to me at various times, and give me advice and support very often. They just come to me. I don't even have to ask, not to forget to mention money. I don't know how many times I have found or practically walked right into money. I have never gone without. It is also comforting for me to know I have real spirit friends who look out for me. I will be happy meeting them when death comes. I always treat the Demons with extreme respect and always try to give something back in gratitude.

I have found in my relationship with Father Satan, one of the most important things to him is honor. Satan hates phonies, hypocrites, liars, weaklings, cowards and people whose word is no good. Satan is strong on commitment and above all, honesty. You make a promise to Father Satan and he will take you up on it, keeping his end of the deal as well.

I was surprised to have Demon friends I never even met or summoned, offer their assistance when I was having problems. Andras, who has a reputation for killing those who try to summon him, appeared to me and offered to help me. The reason he has been upset is because of the extreme disrespect and spiritual abuse he and other Demons been shown for centuries by idiots, such as the author of the above mentioned book.

In addition to the Demons who suffered horrendous abuse [worse than the above], at the hands of this Jewish scum for centuries, these abusers extend their abuse to other beings such as elementals, pixies and other astral beings. Abusive sorcerers are hated by astral beings everywhere and in death and in their future lives, they will pay.

Satanism is the only way to true spirituality. In finishing, I would like to add, there is little or no need for props, OTHER, than of course, those shown out of respect, such as incense to sweeten the air, candles, an altar and other tokens of respect, if one desires to perform ceremonial rituals. I always bathe before a ritual out of respect to Father Satan and wear clean clothes.

Demons don't need "a license to depart." This is as insulting as the 9-foot circle. Remember, we are Satanists and the Demons are our friends. -High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

*Goetic Evocation: The Magician's Workbook Volume 2 by Steve Savedow, second printing, 1999

The author wrote of his experience in summoning Bim/Bune. Many Satanists have met Bune. She is friendly and helpful when shown the proper respect and summoned through Satan. The sad thing is these Demons are friendly beings and they have been viciously abused for centuries under the direction of those alien angels and the related alien entities that operate as the fictitious Jehova, and who work through abusive sorcerers who use parasitical magick, mainly Jews.

In closing, for additional information and personal study:

Libellus Magicus
This is the Black Book used by the Catholic Order of the Jesuits [Society of Jesus]. The linked webpage contains more links to Jewish written grimoires at the bottom.

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