True Spirituality

True spirituality does not need trillions and trillions of dollars. The pathetic Christian "God" and company can brag about their millions of enslaved sheep, but Satan has something they don't; something they never will.

Satan's people come willingly to him. We have survived centuries without all of the wealth and materialism of the enemy religions. A gathering in the forest, on the beach, or in the home of a friend. Satan's followers are here because we want to be. We have made a choice.

We come to worship out of love, NOT coercion, threats, indoctrination, peer, or family pressure. In the end, Satan has won. Even solitary rituals are done out of free will and devotion. Satan is loved. The Christian "God" relies on fear. Remember, "Money can't buy you real love." This is so obvious, as the enemy religions are spiritually empty. HAIL SATAN!!

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