There are people who talk the talk and want to play at being "bad" and "evil." These people are intent on going on about how "evil" Satan is, yet they don't know him, nor do they have any idea of what real Satanism is. Their ideas of so-called evil are nothing more than cultural concepts. Few have understanding of the meaning of the word “evil” and are simplistic in their thinking. Satan transcends "good" and "evil." What is perceived as “evil” in one culture may be considered favorable in another.

These individuals firmly adhere to the Christian teachings concerning Satan. Deep down, they are really Christians, not Satanists, as they follow the teachings of Christianity. They rigidly live their lives according to their own specific cultural taboos. True Satanism is freedom, Satanism is not living according to the restrictions of the Christian teachings of what is *supposed* to be evil. People who are deceived into believing Satan is evil lack perspective and understanding.

Satanism is deep, transforming spirituality that transcends the human concepts of good and evil. People who are hung up on Halloween, the boogey man, spooks, corpses and monsters have no understanding of Satan or true Satanism.

In order to be free, one must deprogram one’s mind. Only when one is able to see life through one’s own eyes, can one ascend to a higher level of understanding. Too many people are still carrying around the values society has programmed into them rather than seeing things through their own eyes and being their own person.

When we give our souls to Satan [for those of us who choose to do this], a door is opened. This is a major step beyond the conformity that has been heaped upon us by society. This is where we transcend the black and white simplistic thinking and begin to see things through our own eyes.

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