A Thought About Father

I was reading HP Maxine's updates, and got to thinking about what it would be like to be in Father's shoes. Think about this for a minute, especially those of you who are parents. This breaks my heart! So he creates us, gives us tremendous abilities and loves us to know end. Teaches us. Just like WE do to our kids. Then, his kids (us) are taken from him, the enemy tries his best to kill us, and then Father gets the blame! If you are a parent, just think about this for a second. Someone breaks into your house violently and kidnaps your kids. Then, kills as many as he can and makes the rest suffer. Now, not only are the kids TAKEN from you by force and mistreated, the kidnappers teach the kids that it is YOUR fault! so now, the kdis that you love so much HATE you. What a fucking mess. I know Father doesn't need my sympathy, but I can't help but feel saddened by the way I used to treat him, and even more saddened by the treatment he has received. Think about this for a while. Another notch in my hatred for Jehova.
Hail Father!
–Don Hess

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