Christian Youth Abuse

Samantha Bartlett wrote:

When I was a xtian I went to Oakland Heights Baptist Church in East Texas. We had an underground church and personally I was one of the 3 days bound at my wrists behind my back my knees togeather and at my ankles I was not alowed to take them off until I underwent a trial which happened 4 hours later.

When we got to the place where I was going to go on trial persecuters waited outside the church and attacked my whole group the went through our bags taking whatever they wanted and throwing away our food we were arrested and thrown in "prison" where we all underwent different things. Some people had to do pushups in fish gutts leftovers or garbage from restaurants which chick a fila provided, had to eat disgusting things such as cat food raw onions or saltine crackers until we could barley swallow. Most of us were throwing up and crying by then. They even went so far as to take hairspray to the girls and empty a can in their hair. It was men doing it so they "didnt know" that it could cause hair to break off so half the girls went home with chunks of hair missing. One girl in our group was even "executed" and forced to stay in a body bag and be drugged in trial and used as a threat to what would happen if we didnt say no to god.

The point of the 3 day event was to go to as many houses and gather people for in our groups and not be arrested. We had 2 leaders that were both youth members and could really do nothing at all. We were not allowed to stay in one place for more than 2 hours and we were not allowed to run from the persecutors. It was 3 days I will never forget because of the absolute cruelty our youth leaders displayed. It was a disgusting sight and by the last day some of us were selected to run a special marathon... I was selected. It started out and you had to eat part of a raw onion then cat food, drink prune juice then be soaked in molasses and covered in galic powder, have ice water thrown in your face then slide into chickafila's donations then go and actually put your mouth to a large dead fish and kiss it then run all the way back to the begining before vomiting. They say if you can do that then god will take you to heaven. Bullshit!! Personally all I see from the piece of shit xtian god is the suffering of his blind followers which I regret I was ever one of... this was one of my many experiences as a xtian before I found the truth. All I have to say is its all bullshit. They say humilliation in front of your peers will strengthen you. Well fuck them, fuck their "god" and fuck their jesus christ


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